Squly & Friends 1 比 1 馬卡龍造型便攜式充電器

Squly & Friends

重量: 0.12kg

產品來源地: 香港

HKD 320


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Squly & Friends 1 比 1 馬卡龍造型便攜式充電器

得意 Squly & Friends 人物便攜式充電器
1 比 1 馬卡龍大小,小巧精緻
即時電量及充電 LED 指示燈

共四款:Squly, Bealy, Kily 同 Cely
- Squly 馬卡龍造型便攜式充電器 – D016SQE
- Bealy 馬卡龍造型便攜式充電器 
- D017SQE
- Kily 馬卡龍造型便攜式充電器 – D018SQE
- Cely 馬卡龍造型便攜式充電器 – D019SQE

產品電壓:輸入:5V 輸出:5V
產品電流:輸入:1A 輸出:1A
充電時間:約 2.6-3 小時
指示燈:3 個電量指示燈,1 個充電指示燈
適用產品:5V 充電產品,如智能手機
產品尺寸:53 x 53 x 30 毫米
重量:約 61 克
內附:USB <-> Micro-USB 線

運輸重量:約 120 克


This is a compact power bank with a cute and lovely design.
It is printed with the cartoon character “Squly & Friends” on the body for an attractive look.
The power bank is a practical emergency power solution for your mobile devices when traveling.

Four styles: Squly, Bealy, Kily and Cely.
- Squly Macaron Powerbank – D016SQE
- Bealy Macaron Powerbank 
- D017SQE
- Kily Macaron Powerbank – D018SQE
- Cely Macaron Powerbank – D019SQE

Product Details
Compact and lightweight construction.
Printed with cartoon character.
Attractive and lovely design.
Capacity: 2,400mAh.
Input: micro-USB 5V 1A.
Output: USB 5V 1A.
1:1 Macaron size, around 53 x 53 x 30mm
Fully charge around 2.6-3 hours.
Power/Charging indicator (LED).
Overcharge/over discharge protection circuit.
Suitable for different mobile devices.
Practical emergency power solution when traveling.
Come with a USB <-> Micro-USB cable

Shipping weight: around 120g

Battery cannot ship to Taiwan.