Natural Series Natural Shine Shampoo

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Natural Shine Shampoo

For Normal to Dry Hair

A pampering, softeninig shampoo formulated tp protect hair and intensify luster. Featuring unique Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging technology "NAA", and fortified with natural Borage Seed Oil and Yarrow Oil. The unique formula fights the aging process of scalp and hair,  strengthens the hair shaft and retores volume and shine lost with the passing of time.

Yarrow oil, which has aroma therapeutic properties and imparts intensive moisture, nourishment and suppleness to the hair fibers. Makes hair easy to style, shine the hair along with a wonderful fragrance.


The user-friendly formulation does not contain S.L.S / S.L.E.S and Parabens. Packing is recyclable.

Contains 400 ml.

Natural Series

A truth unique environmental friendly hair & skin care line, based on Aromatherapy & Essential Oils.
Our promise:
·          SLS SLES Free
·          Parabens Free
·          Easily Recycled PET or PCR packaging.
·          Not Tested on Animals. 
The unique natural series formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, is fortified with natural borage seed oil, aromatherapy & essential oils.
Style Aromatherapy - natural series launch, is part of growing global trend – Green Consumption.
This consumption trend deals with giving priority to products:
·      With friendly and nurturing ingredients to human body which are not harmful or suspicious as disease generators.
·      With origin from the nature or from controlled biological labs.
·      Friendly to environment - combines ecologically to earth and do not harmful to animate, plants and environment.  
·      Not tested on Animals.
·      Build from recyclable materials or recyclable / sustainable packaging.
Parabens Free
·      Common ingredient – Exists in 90% of hygiene products.
·      Function – Preservative and prevention growth of bacterium.
·      In high concentration – cause to skin and eye irritation.
·      Suspicious ingredient as motive of breast cancer.
Sodium Laurel or Lauryl Sulfate / SLS - SLES Free
·      Very common ingredient in shampoo and liquid soap products.
·      Type of detergent - produced from petrochemical (Origin from petrol).
·      Function – Cleaning and foaming.
·      In daily use cause – Skin and eye irritation , allergic reaction.
·      In high concentration might cause – Skin diseases and is a suspicious ingredient as motive of cancer.