Natural Series Shower Gel Geranium & Jojoba

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Shower Gel Geranium & Jojoba

Natural Series

A pampering, luxurious shower gel featuring unique Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging technology "NAA", AND fortified with natural Borage Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil that work in harmony to stimulate the skin and leave it cleansed, velvety, soft, with a long-lasting subtle fragrance.

The user-friendly formulation does not contain S.L.S / S.L.E.S and Parabens. Packing is recyclable.


Contains 400 ml.

Natural Series - Body Care


A truth unique environmental friendly skin care line, based on Aromatherapy & Essential Oils.
Our promise:
          SLS SLES Free
          Parabens Free
          Easily Recycled PET or PCR (Post consumer recycled) packaging.
          Not Tested on Animals.
The unique natural series formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, is fortified with natural borage seed oil, aromatherapy & essential oils.
Style Aromatherapy - natural series launch, is part of growing global trend – Green Consumption.
This consumption trend deals with giving priority to products:
-          With friendly and nurturing ingredients to human body which are not harmful or suspicious as disease generators.
-          With origin from the nature or from controlled biological labs.
-          Friendly to environment - combines ecologically to earth and do not harmful to animate, plants and environment.  
-          Not tested on Animals.
-          Build from recyclable materials or recyclable / sustainable packaging.
Parabens Free
-          Common ingredient – Exists in 90% of hygiene products.
-          Function – Preservative and prevention growth of bacterium.
-          In high concentration – cause to skin and eye irritation.
-          Suspicious ingredient as motive of breast cancer.
Sodium Laurel or Lauryl Sulfate / SLS - SLESFree
-          Very common ingredient in shampoo and liquid soap products.
-          Type of detergent - produced from petrochemical (Origin from petrol).
-          Function – Cleaning and foaming.
-          In daily use cause – Skin and eye irritation , allergic reaction.
-          In high concentration might cause – Skin diseases and is a suspicious ingredient as motive of cancer.